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Fraud or not: is incent traffic allowed?

Many business owners have not thought about paying random people off the street to enter their store. After all, it is obvious that many of them will simply take the money and not buy anything. The mere presence of so many visitors in a store may be enough to grab the attention of other people and motivate them to buy products. With so many, everything must be amazing, right?

Although such a scenario may seem a bit unlikely to you, the same concept can be applied as a marketing strategy. Companies that already use incentivized traffic work within this concept and idea, and most of them manage to make it a profitable model.

In this article, we'll look at the basics of incentivized traffic, the different types of rewards used, and the different perspectives companies have on it.


What is motivated traffic

Motivated traffic consists of visitors who are rewarded for their actions. To date, a large number of models of this traffic exist and are used, but they all motivate users thanks to some kind of magnet.


When traffic charges are applied in a false way, this concept can potentially bring high efficiency and return on investment, or become a permanent and sustainable plan for a short period of time.

General types of incentives and motives

Many different types of incentives exist and are used, but they can all be divided into two categories: financial and non-financial.

As for the financial model, it is based on providing users with money for certain interactions with a website or application. They will need to complete a variety of actions such as installing an app, clicking on an item, subscribing to emails, leaving a review, and more. Individual companies may ask their users to search for a keyword and install an application before seeking compensation.

The second model is non-financial, which is quite popular on gaming platforms. Instead of financial rewards, users receive a variety of bonuses that can vary from additional levels to in-game tokens, as well as new character options. In some cases, users may receive promo codes that will save them money without actually paying them.

Benefits for advertisers

Using incentivized traffic is a very popular concept in certain verticals. This is a powerful tool for advertisers who want to promote applications, and especially gaming platforms. Users view various items before downloading, and this is exactly the type of traffic that appears here.

  1. Faster installation speed and rating

 Instead of investing in more well-known types of marketing, game developers can simply give their users incentives and incentives to improve their install rates. This will increase the install speed rating of the application, which in turn will lead to an influx of real users.

  1. Economy

This kind of traffic comes at a pretty low cost, but even so, it's effective and valid if you're willing to rank higher on the results page.

  1. Creativity

Buying motive traffic, you definitely show a creative approach to your requests. You can ask your users to pass a certain level of the game, or invite a friend, save the application for a certain period of time, share your achievement on social networks to get your reward.

When does incentivized traffic work?

Before you buy incentive traffic, you need to take a look at your industry and evaluate if it is the right one. One area where this type of traffic typically excels is app promotion.

Many users mainly look at the apps with the highest ratings and positive reviews. It is this type of traffic that can enhance both of these approaches while boosting rankings and generating a significant number of legitimate downloads.

Is incent traffic perceived as a scam?

Some companies are of the opinion that allowing a traffic motive can increase the incidence of fraud. They believe that allowing incentivized traffic will allow bot developers to spread and create a sudden marketing environment.

The rest of the companies can be even more aggressive towards incentivized traffic and equate it with advertising fraud. In this case, advertisers may not pay for such leads.

What about you? Are you using incentive traffic? Did it work well for you?

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