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Motivated traffic, its benefits and types

Motivated traffic is traffic that is generated by users who receive various rewards: gifts, money, free products, discounts for visiting specific websites. Which ultimately brings more visitors to the sites, as well as valuable information about customers.


In this article, we will look at the benefits of incentivized traffic, as well as its types.


Benefits of Incentive Traffic


Incentivized traffic is an easy way to increase your number of website visitors, which will generate more leads. This strategy focuses on engaging customers by giving them different motives. By organizing a traffic promotion campaign, you will be able to focus on attracting the interest of potential customers, encouraging them to familiarize themselves with your proposed content and product, service and perform the required actions to receive a reward.


In addition to increasing the level of customer acquisition in a short time, traffic motive can bring you many benefits. Thanks to it, you will increase the response of your customers, over time, a significant number of downloads and customer acquisition rate will positively affect search engine rankings. Which in turn will allow more users to see your site.


For example, your mobile app is becoming more and more popular on the App Store or Google Play, and your install count is high enough that it will become more visible to users over time. You will be able to see positive changes and results from these campaigns in about three days.


Having considered the benefits of incentivized traffic, it's time to learn about its types.


Types of motivated traffic


Different companies offer different and varied motives for attracting new customers and increasing the number of website visits. There are many rewards that can be used to encourage users to take desired actions. Most sites use a way to block content and ask their users to answer a couple of questions in order to open access to it. Gaming apps and websites reward tokens for bringing new people and sharing information about their social media accounts. At the same time, they generate traffic by providing cash, access to additional materials, gifts and discounts. Motives and incentives are very popular in mobile games, as they encourage you to progress further and inspire you to play the game more often.


Now think about and choose the strategy that suits you best for attracting potential customers. We hope the examples above will help you decide how best to approach your users.

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