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Video Content Trends to Promote Your YouTube Business in 2023

Video marketing is developing more and more rapidly every year. If earlier on YouTube videos with 30-second video ads were more popular, today consumers are more interested in real vlog formats, broadcasts of bloggers, streamers that collect millions of views. Of all the most popular genres on this platform, there are: beauty channels, video memes, interactive videos, 3D videos, re-dubbing of TV shows and films.


Due to the constant development of various technologies, new, modern possibilities for video appear, for example, video broadcasting with the possibility of buying in real time, shooting 360 °. The most popular and vital topics are: news, cultural content, life in another country, unpacking goods, as well as video tutorials. Find out how video content attracts the attention of the modern consumer and what video marketing trends will be popular in 2023.


Why should businesses start using YouTube for promotion in 2023?


In the modern world, the number of social platforms that consumers like is very large, all are very popular with every generation or country.


One of the most popular platforms for entertainment, recreation as well as advertising is YouTube. If you are not yet using this platform to promote your business, it's time to fix it.


The YouTube platform is in the top among all video platforms, as it is often used by many brands and advertisers who are willing to spend their budget on advertising on YouTube. We propose to consider in more detail the advantages of this platform.


Benefits of YouTube Video Platform for Business Promotion


  1. Effective and engaging advertising for users. In the video, you can leave a hyperlink to a site or page, describe and demonstrate your product or service.
  2. The ability to view videos for potential consumers of your business from anywhere in the world over the network.
  3. Creating a personal or corporate channel is absolutely free, the ability to advertise a brand, add comments, have interactive contact with your audience.
  4. Special features: re-viewing a video, a collection of favorites, transitions to sites.
  5. Motivation. Promotional videos, in addition to user comments, will improve understanding of your product, as well as decide on a purchase.


Promoting Your Business on YouTube in 2022: Video Marketing Trends


Now we will take a closer look at all YouTube trends for 2023 in order to keep abreast of new products and follow current trends.


Presence on YouTube is the main trend


Most of the users go to this platform to gain new ideas and inspiration, which in turn allow them to make buying decisions. 85% of consumers believe that they have always watched YouTube videos before purchasing a product or service.


Sincere attitude of users to video content and a sense of complicity


Every year the trend of watching videos is growing every day more and more. YouTube visitors generate billions of views every day. They are looking for video content that interests them, for example, one of the most popular queries is “how to…”.


It is this consumption that speaks of the viewers' trust in this format. Moreover, every day new formats appear on the platform that involve viewers even more, they feel involved in the important events of bloggers and business companies.


What should be on a YouTube channel to promote a business

  1. The real name of the channel. Use your own data and phrases that are related to your business and product/service.
  2. A clear and easy avatar that is easy to recognize. Don't forget to make sure there are no similar channels.
  3. Business channel header. It is necessary to put a picture with dimensions of 2048 x 1152 pixels and a weight of at least 4 MB.
  4. Proper view setting for channel and video promotion. Turn on the “Browse” option to get access to all functions.
  5. A short descriptive description of your business channel. Attach your mail, contacts, website and links to social networks.
  6. Filling the channel with video content for the purpose of promotion. It is important to determine the titles, do not forget about the description of the video, add links, tags, and also choose a concise intro and playlist.
  7. Filling out, designing and customizing your business channel will allow you to declare your brand, service or product, and tailor your profile to the target audience.


When filling out information on the channel, it is important to understand what 

the content will be about, for what purposes you show it, to determine and choose the main video formats for yourself, for example, reviews, challenges, podcasts. Also, do not forget that your channel, cover, playlists in content, description should be in the same theme and style.


High-quality interaction between the brand and the audience


If you are just at the beginning of the development of your channel, then it is very important to attract a new active audience and collect the number of views, while taking into account that people have more confidence in the voice and face of your brand. That is why you need to create videos that are more recognizable, understandable, accessible, while showing your expertise. Or you can find a leader by calculating the profitability of such an action in advance.


Live streams and YouTube Shorts


HDR live streaming is on the rise, along with YouTube Shorts and real, natural stories from the lives of creators. Keep these trends in mind, create short videos related to your business, this way you will get a new audience that will come from a short 60 second video and get to know your creativity in more detail. Go live, communicate with your audience, in this format you can present your new products or services.


Keep these important trends and current trends in mind. The YouTube video platform is constantly evolving and it's never too late to introduce new formats to expand and grow your business!

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