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What role does traffic seasonality reveal in the app promotion process?

You have probably noticed that most of the search engines and queries are in demand unequally and, moreover, depend on recurring events. This was the reason for their seasonal names.

When promoting applications in the App Store and Google Play, it is necessary to take into account the seasonality of traffic. In doing so, you need to be enterprising in your company's marketing campaign during the phases of active requests, as well as apply effective off-season perspectives. Doubt? Then let's look at the special specifics of seasonal applications. Continue reading.

Specificity of seasonal applications

In terms of problematics, our topics primarily attract the attention of applications that are popular and desirable all year round, for example:

  • Fintech applications. Financial transactions are always active and regardless of the season;
  • Games. With a good marketing strategy, they are downloaded throughout the whole year;
  • Photo and video editors. The desire to post a beautiful photo or video on social networks will never go away;
  • Messengers. Regardless of the time of year or season, no one will stop messaging and calling relatives.

At first glance, it may seem that everything happens the same with the rest of the applications, for everyone there are reasons and reasons to download them for a whole year, but this is not so. And here's why: they all depend on holidays, various life events or certain seasons. Agree, you yourself do not always use some applications all year round. Apply promotion with seasonal requests is necessary for the following applications:

  • with themed themes and wallpapers;
  • sports publications during world championships, competitions, music competitions;
  • with congratulations on holidays, postcards;
  • travel navigators for hiking.

Advantages and disadvantages of seasonality

The advantages include the ability to quickly and effectively promote a mobile application, of course, if it is advertised based on the interests of the target audience at a certain moment. And here is the result - you will be ready for the hype in advance and quickly get a large number of downloads.


In addition, you can develop new applications or release updates based on user requests. For example, the aforementioned greeting applications can be supplemented with new postcards, themes and texts.

It's time to consider the disadvantages of seasonality. The first is the high probability of leaking positions in search engines due to a decrease in user interest. But still, the off-season is useful for testing your products, updating the interface and design. During which you can run an ad or make a discount on it.

It turns out that the seasonality of applications has both its advantages and disadvantages. Everything will depend on the balance of the marketing strategy and campaign, as well as the organized work of the entire team.

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